If Band is Life, Life is Good in Dillon County.


Tb0woIk2Rf2ynQVOfePSmwThe Bands of Dillon just wrapped up their annual summer band camp. There was a two-week high school band camp and a one-week middle school band camp. The purpose of these camps was to give our students the fundamental foundation needed to have a successful school year for our respective performing ensembles.

At the middle school, beginners learned some basic music theory. They also learned how to assemble and disassemble their instruments. In addition, students learned how to produce a characteristic sound on their mouthpiece. The second-year band students spent time reviewing and learning their major scales. Some students were also able to begin learning their etude for their Regional Honor Band Audition.

At the high school, students became acclimated to some new procedures and fundamental exercises. We were fortunate to be able to send our drum majors to summer band camp at Western Carolina University in early July. These young leaders brought back with them a plethora of knowledge. During the first week of camp, they engaged all students in team building activities. Throughout the course of the two weeks, they facilitated sessions with the leadership team to discuss leadership tactics and to develop solutions to various issues the group encountered.

At the conclusion of the camp, the students presented a preview performance for their parents and band alumni. During this performance students demonstrated the various things they learned. We concluded the day with a cookout for the students and their parents. This cookout was made possible by the help of the Dillon Band Booster Club, along with donations from Kenny Smith Sr. and Tyrone Manning on behalf of the Dillon High Class of 1990. We would like to also recognize the following booster club members and clinicians for their help during camp. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Myers, Lisa Gutliffe, Katrina Mclellan, Giles Page, Kadra Wright, Randy Gray, Nate McLellan, NaTasha Wilson, Miranda Manning, Cedric Page, LaTerrin Page, Cierra Reaves (auxiliary clinician), Jessica Swindler (auxiliary clinician), Clyde Frazier (percussion clinician),

We are looking forward to having a great year, and we look forward to helping The Bands of Dillon reach their full potential.

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