Wishes Do Come True!!!


IMG_8454As some of you may know, there’s a social media campaign on FaceBook that helps teachers furnish supplies for their classrooms and students. The name of it is, “Support A Teacher – Teacher Gifting.” Within this campaign, teachers create a wish list of items via  Amazon. Teachers are encouraged to help other teachers clear the list, by purchasing items on their respective lists. There have also been campaigns to invite other donors to help clear the list. Inspired by several other band directors, I decided to create a list. We named this the Wildcat Wish List.

After creating the list, I was pleasantly surprised by a few colleagues that decided to donate. Mr. Davaron Edwards and Mrs. Swati Dadheech Linder were two of the first to purchase and donate items on the list. The next donor would knock my socks or with their donation.

Our next items that were cleared from the list came from The Purnell Family. They’ve always been supportive of their children, our band program, and they’ve always been willing to “Pay It Forward.”  To my surprise Mrs Beth Purnell ordered several of the items on the list and delivered them on yesterday. This family’s act of kindness almost brought me to tears. Pictured below are the items donated by this beautiful family. We are forever grateful for the acts of kindness bestowed upon The Bands of Dillon by Mr. Edwards, Mrs. Linder, The Purnell Family, and the various stakeholders that have supported The Bands of Dillon over the years.

Items from The Purnell Family include: Binders, Sheet Protectors, Trombone Mutes, Trumpet Mutes, Drum Practice Pad, Dry Erase Marker, Tool Kit, Clarinet Reeds, Saxophone Reeds, Tuner, Digital Recorder, and Pencils.


If you are interested in donating to The Bands of Dillon, simple click on the link below to find out how.

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