We are no longer thirsty – LOL

This year’s “Thirsty Cats” campaign was a huge success. We received our last donation of water just a few days ago. Rhett Tompkins of Ace Hardware in Dillon, SC on behalf of the Class of 1987, donated a pallet of water to The Marching Cats.

There’s a bible verse that speaks of not having room enough to receive. That has definitely been the case for the “Thirsty Cats” campaign. Mr. Tompkins has been waiting to deliver the water since early August, but we didn’t have room to receive it until recently. We are thankful to the Dillon Community for your outstanding support of the band program. And a special shoutout to THEE CLASS of 1987 for your outstanding giving this year. You have went above and beyond all expectations. JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!.



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