She’s Lethal and She’s Cute

B0253CB8-F0A7-4BA7-8EC6-2BB27B82745CRecent Dillon High Graduate, and former band member, Ms. Joelisha Blue, has unleashed her entrepreneurial spirit. She has started a business that aims to make ladies feel more secure when traveling and being out in public places. What an awesome goal at such a young age. When asked what was her inspiration for starting the business, she had the following to say.

“The world is getting crazier by the day and it’s best to be prepared for the worse. Ladies, especially, are being attacked and kidnapped… the lethal cuties wouldn’t 100% stop it from happening but it could help limit how bad the situation could possibly get.”

Joelisha is currently a student at Norfolk State University. She is excelling academically as she gets adjusted to college life. We are very proud of all that Joelisha has accomplished and look forward to great things from her in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about her products, you should visit her Facebook Page entitled Lethal Cuties.

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