#Be Great, #Be Productive

If you’ve followed Mr. Kevin McLellan long enough on his social media platforms, he’s probably the first person that comes to mind when reading the title of this article. He’s known for motivating his students and peers with the aforementioned hashtags. Mr. McLellan is deeply rooted in his community and has a true passion for motivating and encouraging students to be the best person they can.  The medium he uses to do this is music. Most people would say Mr. McLellan teaches music to students. He will probably tell you he teaches students, music.

Mr. Mclellan recently stated that he:

“Never thought 14 years ago I would become a teacher educating many students over the past years. This journey has its ups and downs but, there’s never a day I ever regret becoming a teacher.”

Even with all of the recent hardships and disappointments caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic, Mr. McLellan and his students still managed to have an awesome year. This school year was very fruitful for Mr. McLellan, as he has been recognized by his peers and colleagues for the outstanding job he has done over the years.

Mr. Mclellan is the recipient of two career noteworthy awards. The first was an award presented to Mr. Mclellan by the South Carolina Band Director’s Association (SCBDA). This award is “The Program of Note” award. The award is given to a stellar band program whose band director has gone above and beyond the scope of typical expectations by the SCBDA.

The second award presented to Mr. McLellan is one that is coveted by teachers everywhere. Mr. Mclellan has been recognized by his coworkers at Dillon Middle School as Teacher of the Year. This is the ultimate compliment for the dedication and passion he puts forth for his students.

Congratulations Mr. McLellan and continue to #BeGreat and #BeProductive.

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