Mr. Campbell Has Arrived!!!

cde3114c-1826-4827-8931-b50071093d40We are proud to announce that we have selected the new drum major for the Marching Cats’ 2021-2022 marching season. Your new drum major is none other than Mr. Jayden Campbell. 

Mr. Campbell will be a sophomore this upcoming school year. His favorite subject is math. During his free time, he enjoys playing Xbox along with listening to and watching HBCU marching bands. Becoming a drum major was a dream of Mr. Campbell and he has pledged to work hard to become one of the best drum majors to come through Dillon, South Carolina. He also hopes to make his family proud and set a great example for his younger brother to follow. 

When asked, what goals do you have for yourself and or the band, Mr. Campbell had the following response. 

My goal for the band as a drum major is to be a great leader and to set a great example for the band. Also, to make more people want to try out for this position and or join the marching band.


Mr. Campbell also mentioned wanting to make Mr. Wright smile upon returning from his accident this past winter. To find out more about the accident, visit 

Mr. Jayden Campbell, we look forward to you accomplishing your goals and can’t wait to experience the greatness that awaits. 

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